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    The Social Security number is the key that opens the doors in the United States. It is the mandatory registration to obtain employment, have credit and the one that keeps track of the government benefits that correspond to you. The Social Security number must be requested in an office of the Social Security Administration. You must bring documents that prove your identity and your immigration status. Identity You must carry documents that prove your identity and age. Those born in the United States must carry a US birth certificate or passport. Citizens who were born in other countries must carry the Naturalization Certificate or the US passport. The children of citizens who were born abroad must provide the Consular Report of Birth abroad. Accompany these documents with any of the following identifications. Driver's license State ID School ID Military ID   Migratory status People who are not US citizens must show that their immigration status is legal. You must bring the following documents with you: Resident Card (Green Card) and valid passport Work permit (form I-766) Form I-94 of Entry / Exit next to the valid passport with the stamp of admission to the United States. Students with an M-1 or F-1 visa must carry the I-20 form, which is the certificate of eligibility under the student's state who is not an immigrant. If you are an exchange visitor with a J-1 or J-2 visa, you must show DS-2019 *, Certificate of Eligibility as an exchange visitor.

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